eibon“The Second Death of Vicente Luna”

Beyond the Book of Eibon

2021, Death Wound Publishing



“The Blackdamp”

A Walk in a Darker Wood

2020, Oxygen Man Books


innsmouth“Jumbo Lump,” “Sturgeon the Surgeon,” & “Walter E. Grave”

Residents of Innsmouth

2020, Tikirussy


stefan“The Witch Engine”

In Stefan’s House: A Weird Fiction Tribute to Stefan Grabinski

2019, Dunham’s Manor Press


undead“Diabolus in Musica”

Behold the Undead of Dracula: Lurid Tales of Cinematic Gothic Horror

2019, Muzzleland Press


promenade“Social Medium”

The Phantasmagorical Promenade

2019, Planet X Publications



Mannequin: Tales of Wood Made Flesh

2019, Silent Motorist Media

Rue Morgue Magazine’s “Best Multi-Author Anthology” of 2019

ca“Red Right Hand”

Caravans Awry

2018, Planet X Publications


wb40“The Thirteenth Step”

Weirdbook #40

2018, Wildside Press


testpatterns“I Am Become Death”

Test Patterns

2017, Planet X Publications



Terror in 16-Bits

2017, Muzzleland Press


weirdbook“Insect Song”

Weirdbook #36

2017, Wildside Press


walkhandinhandintoextinction“The Man Who Collected Chambers”

Walk Hand in Hand Into Extinction: Stories Inspired by True Detective

2016, CLASH Books


StrangeSex2“Rule 34”

Strange Sex 2: The Second Cumming

2014, StrangeHouse Books


StrangeFuckingStories“Rape C(o)untry”

Strange Fucking Stories

2014, StrangeHouse Books


AVeryStrangehouseChristmas“Kafka’s Run”

A Very StrangeHouse Christmas

2013, StrangeHouse Books



blindThe Blind Dead Ride Out of Hell

2020, St. Rooster Books


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