Baliida: The Café Bringing Balinese Inspiration to South Korea

Book Review: Life is Fun, Don’t Make It Complicated

Life is Fun or, as the oft-heard saying goes, simplicity holds the key to happiness. While this phrase may sound cliché, in my view, it holds true. Indeed, happiness is simple, depending on how we choose to approach it.

If we constantly strive to be someone else to gain recognition or admiration from others, it can be exhausting and lead to stress. Embrace life as it is, within our capabilities, as it truly is that simple. Be happy and grateful for what we have at this moment.

Take a moment to look at those whose circumstances are far less fortunate than ours. Instead of always looking up, which can create restlessness and hinder us from appreciating our lives, let’s remember to look around and count our blessings.

Baliida: The Café Bringing Balinese Inspiration to South Korea

Life Is Fun; Don’t Make It Complicated

The expression that also serves as the title of Riza Noviana’s book is quite fitting. I resonate with and endorse this wise saying. In this book, it explains that life is indeed enjoyable, but we are the ones who complicate it. Life is filled with moments of unnecessary drama, overthinking, and needless worry.

Excessive worry often arises from overthinking situations that may not even materialize in the future. This excessive concern can lead to negative thinking patterns, ultimately resulting in unhappiness and increased stress. To live a more enjoyable and content life, all we need to do is make peace with whatever happens in our lives (p. 3).

This 2023 publication from Araska offers a range of ways to lead an enjoyable and fulfilling life. One of these is practicing gratitude. Research has shown that practicing gratitude can be transformative. It involves recognizing what we already have, fostering a more positive outlook on life. Gratitude also helps reduce feelings of envy, facilitates positive emotions, and enhances resilience.

Regular exercise and maintaining a healthy diet are also essential elements for leading an enjoyable and pleasant life. Apart from the physical health benefits, regular exercise significantly impacts our overall well-being. When daily routines become mentally burdensome, exercise serves as a powerful means to alleviate stress, depression, anxiety, and overthinking (p. 11).

Dealing with laziness is a common challenge for everyone. Laziness, like an addictive substance, can lead to prolonged bouts of idleness. Succumbing to laziness can lead to future regrets.


In this book, Riza Noviana provides insights into overcoming laziness. One effective method is creating a schedule for our activities. However, it is crucial to ensure that we stick to the schedule we have set, taking notes if we encounter difficulties or mistakes along the way. When necessary, establish deadlines for tasks or activities.

This book serves as an engaging read that can help us navigate our days with happiness and enthusiasm. It is a recommended motivational book for those seeking guidance on living a more fulfilling and enjoyable life.